Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Alice DiMicele Cover Song Contest!

Special Announcement:
Alice DiMicele Cover Songs Contest Open to ALL!
I love to hear other folks sing my songs but often don't get the opportunity, so I'm holding a contest to encourage people to  share their cover versions with me via YouTube. I'm uploading pdf's from my new album "If I Were An Otter: Songs For Kids of All Ages" songbook so you can learn the songs and I'll be giving away some CDs, Songbooks, T-shirts, and other Alice gear to some of the participants. My favorites will be featured on my brand new website when I launch it sometime soon!
To enter:
Make a video of someone (you, your kid, your grandma, or a friend) singing or playing an instrumental of one of my songs. You can make the video on a phone or with a fancy camera. You can sing a cappella or be backed by a full band. You don't have to do it perfectly, just have fun. You might be a professional musician, or your child may love to sing one of my songs so much that you have to video tape it! ANYTHING GOES!! Pick any song of mine that you want to cover. I don't want to limit your song choice, however for this contest I am particularly interested in hearing versions of "Wise Old Woman," "If I Were An Otter," and "Made Out of Water" (All on my New Album!) Make sure you title your video as follows: "Song Title" Alice DiMicele Cover (by Your Name) and then tag it "alice dimicele cover" so that I can easily search for it.
Please then post a link to it at: http://www.facebook.com/alicedimicele so that folks on facebook can check it out (if you are not on facebook that is ok, it is not a requirement for the contest, just extra fun for folks who are.)
The song that gets the most "likes" will get a prize, the cutest video will get a prize, my personal favorite of each of the three songs will get a prize, and my personal favorite of all the other songs will get a prize. I will gather a committee of friends and family to choose which videos will go on my newly launched website.

I am so excited to hear YOU sing (and play) my songs!!

I was inspired by this gal's rendition to create this contest: http://youtu.be/rO-nmsTkCEo
Thank you for participating and spreading the word to your friends about this.
I have posted 3 complimentary Songbook pages (Click on name to download pdf from the website: http;//www.alicedimicele.com/contest

Love and Blessings,

Alice DiMicele