Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sending good energy to those in Japan

I have been struggling with how to be of service in this time. So many suffering at once and I feel wrapped up in my own little world. So many folks are sending me links to buy potassium iodine and there is so much fear around radiation here on the west coast. I can't help but think, my goddess, the people in Japan NEED that stuff, I will eat my seaweed and drink my miso broth and save any reserves of the strong stuff for those in need right now.

My friend Craig Wright asked if I would help with a benefit in Ashland for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. i replied "of course." This will happen at the end of the month and i will update my tour schedule accordingly when I know details.

I continue to think about the folks in Haiti who are still devasted and our little birth clinic there that still needs our support. I am wondering who is going to Japan to help the pregnant women there?

So many thoughts swirtling through me and I just had to write some of it down. the rest i'll save for inspiration when i have my guitar out and not a computer keyboard.

Mostly I wanted to tell all the people in my life, whether i've met you or you just appreciate my music: THANK YOU! I love you and appreciate you. I am grateful for every moment.

blessed be,

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